Survey says…

Last year it seemed that I was trying to guess what time would be right for doing craft time and bingo. Sometimes I was successful and we had a good turnout, other times we had only two girls for craft time. So, I thought to myself what is the easiest way to ask the people that are affected – the campers. Thus, the survey idea was developed. The first survey I created was mainly about timing of activities and coming up with ideas for new activities. Then I decided to create another survey as kind of a check up on my marketing. I wanted to see if there are some things that we offer here that people aren’t aware of. This will hopefully help me to see which areas I need to concentrate on advertising and letting people know about. I did keep each survey short and sweet with only 10 multiple choice questions. They should take under 2 minutes to complete. Of course I will be posting the results here as they come in. I don’t really know how the survey idea itself will go over, but I won’t know until I try. Click here to take you to the survey links.
Mother Nature just doesn’t seem ready to give us spring. We were getting some melting with the sunshine yesterday, but the temperatures certainly are helping things out. I really hope this is yet another forecast that they are wrong about since they are not calling for plus temps for a few days yet.
I started getting the iced cap and slushee machine ready to go yesterday. I’m thinking that either Easter Weekend or the following weekend it will be time to do a test run. Then, oh one of the hard parts of being a campground owner I will be forced to taste test the Iced Cap to make sure it is suitable to serve to our guests. lol.

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