Is that a lion I hear?

March definately seems to be going out like a lion this year – a long drawn out lion. I think that I can speak for all Manitobans when I say enough already. It seems like this storm has been dragging on and on. The wind is howling like it was January out there and they are not predicting an end until tomorrow when we are down to just flurries.  I just decided to check the 14 day trend out of morbid curiosity and it does not look too good. It is supposed to be below average and barely above 0C for the next two weeks. Not the good news we were all looking for. I was hoping to see plus double digits, but it is just not meant to be.

It seems not too many people are thinking summer and camping right now. The phone and email has been worse than dead this week. We need some sunshine to brighten things up and get on with spring and summer. 

One of my RV newsletters had an article about the top 10 things you should never do with your RV and I thought that I would share. Some if it is kind of amusing click here

Happy Shovelling Everyone! Just remember 1 month and 1 week until camping.

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