Finally February

I started writing this about what a day Saturday was, then Sunday happened. So, I guess now it becomes what a weekend.

Wasn’t that quite the day yesterday (Saturday). I had seen Friday night that they were forecasting strong winds for Saturday, but never expected quite that bad and that sudden. I was showing someone the new mural in room 3 and we turned around and poof instant snowstorm. At least it wasn’t cold so we could hide out of the wind and enjoy some ice fishing and a little sledding. By late afternoon however there was no going outside for me, it was time to hide out inside. At least today is so far a nice day, fairly warm, no wind.  Hopefully it stays that way. Well that was Sunday morning now let’s fast forward to Monday morning. Not quite sure what happened to our nice, calm day on Sunday but that got just crazy again. Fortunately we had nothing better to do this weekend but stay home. I am sure there are many people that set out by car or snowmobile when it was looking like such a nice day and they got a HUGE surprise in the afternoon. There were times when we couldn’t even see across the yard.  Now this morning we are back to cold, cold cold. I have heard it is close to -37 windchill again. At least it is finally February and that ground hog had better come through today, we don’t need a fraidy cat who’s afraid of his shadow.

The Marquette Curling Club has taken on the after poker derby social on the 14th. We will also be doing a buffet from 5pm-8pm, so everyone can bring their sweetie out for a Valentine dinner. The calendar has really not cooperated for us this year. Not only does the 2nd Saturday in February fall on Valentine’s, but it is also a long weekend. I know of a couple weddings, and other Valentine activities going on. With all this combined we are not really expecting much of a turnout. But the show must go on and look ahead to next year. It will still be a long weekend, but at least not valentine’s day. In 2011 we get away from the long weekend too and back to a plain old February weekend.

Want to check out the much hyped superbowl commercials.  I watched a few, some are ok some not so ok. I think the potato head was my favorite though, make sure you check it out.

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