duckies update

Well we hear that our ducks have been a bad influence on their foster brothers and sisters. The others used to be quiet, good little ducks and now well the Rubber Duckies have taught them how to quack. Whenever someone walks into the barn it used to be all quiet, then once our ducks came they would squawk and now apparently everyone squawks. They have also taught the others to follow their foster parents around the barn. What can we say – they like people and are used to everyone talking to them.

The Stonewall Argus phoned yesterday to do an article about our poker derby coming up. We really appreciate the extra publicity, but I hate when you have to on the spot come up with interesting things to say. I don’t think that I will ever get used to that part.  We had a total of 4 snowmobilers stop in to the warmup this weekend. It was cold and miserable even for snowmobiling. My fingers are crossed that the forecast for this weekend holds out.  It will be nice to actually get out and enjoy a weekend of ice fishing, sledding and snowmobiling.

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