Friday afternoon was looking like a good day for a parade and then that Manitoba north wind started to howl. We were parked towards the north end of Main Street and it was very cold blowing across from Quarry Park. There seemed to be a good turnout of people regardless of the cold weather. There are lots of die hard parade fans around for sure. I’m not one of them as I was happy to be warm inside the truck.

Santa Parade Float

Santa Parade Float

Santa Parade Float

Santa Parade Float

It is hard to see in the pictures but you may notice my new car on the float. It will perfect for the quick trips to Stonewall. OK I may be stretching the truth a little – a lot. It is the race car that Rubber Ducky sponsor’s. It belongs to a friend of ours and he takes it to the Gimli drag races during the summer. So, if you have ever seen our truck pulling a purple race car and wondered what was going on, that is the story.
These are some pictures of some of the other floats that were around us.
First is Don’s Mechanical. They did a great decorating jobs with lots of lights, looked impressive.
Don's Mechanical Float
This is the Remax float. They were trying to warm things up a little. If you know our duck, you won’t be surprised that he has his beak in there checking things out.
Remax Float

Remax Float

It was a fun night as always. We also had the sound system set up with Rubber Ducky playing over and over and over. The girls got to see some familiar faces from school and the duck found some campground friends who came back for a visit after.

Sunday evening the Prime Meridian Trail held their annual meeting in our Rec Building. That included supper for about 30 people. Everything went well with fortunately not a huge amount of leftovers. They had a slide show presentation from one of the members of a trail near Headingley.  I missed a good portion of the details as I was in the kitchen, but I will try to find out more. I didn’t even realize there was another trail over there. There is access from near the Perimter and he mentioned that they do get lots of people coming out from Winnipeg to go for a walk.

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