Santa parade tomorrow

You can tell it is time for the Stonewall Santa parade when the temperature start dropping drastically. It always seems to be very, very cold on that day and tomorrow is no exception. We still have to put the finishing touches on our float tomorrow, but it is pretty close to done. I will of course post pictures later on for those that don’t brave the cold.

Did you ever notice how you can go for weeks with nothing much going on and then one weekend you seem to have tons of stuff going on? That seems to be our weekend. Friday of course is the parade. In Dennis’ other life with Investment Planning Counsel we are going to a family party at Imax put on by Mckenzie funds on Saturday. Then on Sunday we have a function here that we are catering the supper for. Before you know it it will be Monday again.

Dennis has the showers pretty much done in the rec building. He just has a few little things to hook up and then we need to do some touch up painting. He is also picking up some paint to repaint the floors in both bathrooms since they desparately need a darker colour. Should be done next week sometime.

I just got an email about an upcoming swimming instructor course being offered through Selkirk Continuing Ed

Dec 22 & 23, 29 & 30

8:00am to 3:00pm

Registration would take place at

 Thought I should circulate this around since there seems to be a shortage of instructors around right now. As a matter of fact anyone that does become or is an instructor can talk to me about a job next summer. I am always looking. Seems funny to think about next summer swimming outside when it is -20C outside. Oh well such is life in Manitoba.

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