Have you heard of the local band Crossroads yet?

If not, I think that you may soon. They are a somewhat local band being from St. Laurent – For me that qualifies as local. I first heard about them this summer from one of our employees who is a friend of theirs. There was a big bash at The Narrows on September long and they were playing in the bar. Earlier this month they played at the Northern Lites social and I have heard from more than one person that they did an incredible performance. According to their facebook group they will be at The Woody on December 13 and back at The Narrows on New Years Eve. I haven’t had the opportunity to see them in person myself, but did check out the couple videos that were on facebook.  One person who was at the NL social even made the comment that they may be the next Doc Walker. I hope that is true and wish them well.  Keep your eyes out for this young band and if you have the chance to see them be sure to check them out. I know I will.

Crossroads Fan Club! ♥

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