Ice Fishing Derby and Online Shopping

The date is set, the ice is freezing and the fish are swimming. The first ever Rubber Ducky Ice Fishing Derby will be on January 10, 2009. Mark your calendars now to be a part of Ducky History.Ok it may not be quite that big a deal, but it should be a lot of fun. I have actually posted the 2009 line up of events on our website There may be some changes and additions, but that is pretty much how things will go for next year, so start making plans now.

I have also figured out how to set up online shopping on my website. I added gift certificates, shirts and misc rubber ducky stuff. It is not a very complex system, but it looks like it should serve the purpose. Haven’t sold anything yet, but maybe someday.

Has anyone else checked the calendar today. It seems to be only one month until Christmas. Interesting??!! It is coming fast and will be gone before we know it.

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