There is only one thing to say on a day like today…


My apologizes to any scrooges out there, but it had to be done.

I hope that everyone who has somewhere to go makes it there safely today. I hear that the roads have been pretty bad last night and this morning.  I think yesterday morning the question many people were asking was ‘Do you think it will stay?’. I’m no weather expert, but if I was to make a bet I would go with it is going to stay now.

 Hopefully no one’s drive today goes like this. 

If you find yourself stuck, this is not how to pull your car out

You could always just go out and play in the snow like these guys

I didn’t realize just how much snow there was until I went out to clear off the satellite dish. It is quite deep and is still coming down. I’m being told by two girlies that we need to go for a walk in the snow. Yay, I so want to go out in the snow (that would be sarcasm)

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