Santa Parade

We are already planning on entering the Stonewall Santa parade again this year and I saw the website for the Winnipeg parade so, I went to check out the details and see if it was feasible to enter that one too. The easy answer is absolutely not. The entry fee for a commercial float is $1050??!!. Your floats have to be approved by the parade marshal and must adhere to this year’s theme of winter wonderland. If they don’t approve, you don’t enter. You are required to have a minimum of two pacers with each float. The website says that they have around 70 floats enter the parade, I am assuming that includes the non commerical floats (they only have to pay $250 to enter). I tried to find out how this entry fee compared to others in Canada, but couldn’t find any other parade websites.  The Winnipeg parade is obviously only for the big, big businesses. We will stick to Stonewall’s parade, it is more community minded and more our style.

Sounds like by the end of the day it will be starting to feel like winter around here. At some point today we will look outside and see the fluffy white stuff flying around. Apparently it is already snowing in Brandon, so it can’t be that far away. They just said we are expecting 5-10cm of snow. Hopefully a lot will melt as it hits the ground.



I don’t suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.

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