Halloween In August

was a ghoulish success. From all reports everyone had a blast. I hear that some people had 70 trick or treaters at their campers. We only had 50 or so here at the office, so a bunch of kids skipped us out. What’s up with that? I had swimming room only for the bobbing for apples. I went through over 15 pounds of apples. Once everyone else had a chance I opened it up to second chances and some kids were going 3 times. Of course then I had to scoop the apples chunks out of the pool and pick up the ones left on the side, but it was worth it to see the kids having so much fun. I wasn’t able to get any pictures myself as I was too busy throwing the apples, but one of our other campers is gonig to be sending me some that she took. I will post all the pictures once I get them uploaded.

The mummy wrap and finding eyeballs in brains games didn’t have as many kids participate, but there was still an OK turnout. The ones that came had fun. We had one little one that was chosen to be the ‘mummy’ who wasn’t quite sure what she had gotten herself into. The look on her face was priceless. Kids and mess go together pretty good, so the eyeballs (grapes) in brains (oatmeal) game was a hit. And as with all my games everyone gets at least some kind of prize. Because we had a smaller number of kids do these games they actually got more prizes than I had orginally planned. Of course everyone loved the trick or treating. The girlies and I went around with our Rubber Duck Mascot. The duck got some special treats from his ‘Bud’s’. They must have figured that he would be a little dehydrated being in the costume on such a hot day.

The kiddie train was going crazy this weekend. I even ran out of yellow wristbands for the kids and I had over 20 at the start of the weekend. The kids would swarm anytime someone went to start the train. It was kind of unbelievable.

If you are a regular reader you will remember that we have a bingo machine and were just looking for the bingo balls. Well if all goes well they should be here this weekend. We may do a test bingo this weekend, then start possibly the next weekend (depending on the weather). But for sure on the Sunday of the long weekend. Now I need to work out the details – how much to charge, how much for the prize, what games to play. I don’t know much about this bingo thing, but I guess I will learn. I searched online and saw that some campgrounds do a candy bar bingo. Everyone brings one candy bar for each card that they play and they all go into a bucket. When someone wins a game they get to choose a candy bar from the basket. I think we will have to give that a try some time too. Once the pool is closed we will make Sat afternoon bingo a regular event if we have enough interest.

This rain today is great for the grass. It was starting to look a little sad and brown. However it is not so good for tenters. They are all hiding out in the rec building. We postponed swimming lessons for this morning because of the weather. We will start fresh tomorrow and hopefully the sun will shine and the rain will stop.

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