As you may remember this weekend coming up is Halloween. We are starting to gear up for it. I got the duck costume all fixed up – some kids decided to yank on his tail and step on his foot last time it was out. The girls have decided what their costumes are going to be  now I just have to get them ready. I had been asked to figure out how many kids to expect because apparently “I don’t have a clue” wasn’t a good enough answer?! lol. By my best guesstamation I would say somewhere between 60-80, but keep in mind that is just my uneducated opinion. I also guess on the high side because we don’t want to run out of candy. As of right now the campground is full except for a couple EW sites and some tenting sites.

Speaking of full campground we actually have quite a few sites full right now. The talk of the campground last night was that we have a horse for a guest. There are a couple sisters, one from Florida and on from Ontario that have stopped here to visit their sister from Stonewall. And one of them was travelling with a horse. I have already warned her that I will be over to take a picture of it because it is the first time we have had a horse as a camper. There have been horses around the campground before as our neighbors come over for a ride and visit sometimes, but this is the first sleepover.

Tonight is the meal for the family reunion that is here now. We are catering the roast beef dinner for 65ish adults and 24ish kids. That will occupy a good portion of my afternoon as I have to make dessert for this one too.

We got a new cue ball for the pool table last night. I hope that whoever took the other one has a guilty conscience that haunts them forever.

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