DuckyFest 2008

The weather was kind enough to cooperate for us anyway. We did have a little shower pass through in the late afternoon. Unfortunately it was while they were trying to do dance lessons, but we had some troopers that stuck it out anyway. Our grand total for the Children’s Wish donation was $800. We were down from last year overall but at least it is better than nothing. We only served 60 suppers, whereas last year we did 125. We had more campers here than last year, but we didn’t get much for day traffic. We had about 30 or so kids take part in the games. The silent auction was a popular thing as always. We had one lucky site that won 3 prizes so I don’t think they were too popular among the non winners. The 50/50 pot was a record one – over $200. We also had an unexpected activity added during the day. We had a mullet cutting and Santa beard shaving.

This is Jeff from Site 1 before




This is the during, notice the chunk of hair in Brenda’s hand and the ringleader in the front. I don’t have a proper after picture yet, he had to go to someone who knew what they were doing to get a touch up. And, yes he was sober when he agreed to it contrary to what it appears in the pictures.

  The clippers did come out, but they didn’t do a full shaving of the head.

   Mitch from site 33 before



All together  – ewwwwww. Shake those crumbs out of that thing.




  I think that this picture just speaks for itself.




Twirling the ‘stache.



They were able to raise $250 for the mullet cutting and beard shaving. It was alot of fun and I am laughing all over again just posting this. These guys were definately good sports and I suspect that in a few months mullet man and Santa Claus will be back again.

Circuit Breaker put on a good show as always. They had an extra backup singer ‘trying’ to help out.  Making his debut appearance at Rubber Ducky Resort we present Jason Anderson







If you know him and see please be sure to tell him that he is famous and ask for this autograph.

All in all the day was a lot of fun and everyone helped to raise a lot of money for a good cause. Thank you to everyone who was involved in anyway.

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