I don’t know if anyone else has been watching the weather forecast as closely as I have this week but the only thing that has not been forecasted is snow. We have gone from sunny and 26 to rain and 20 and now I think we are sitting at thundershowers and 24 or 28 depending on which forecast you look at. Give them an hour and they change it. If the all day rain will stay away it would be very helpful. I could live with showers, but of course that sunny and 26 would be perfect.

We didn’t get quite as much done yesterday as I had hoped, so today will be a busier day than I had hoped. We did get our sucker pull game done though. The girlies had fun helping to stick the suckers in too. I think that will be a poplular game, all they have to do is pull a sucker out and if they get one with a black spot on it they win a bigger prize. If not they get to keep the sucker. All the games are set up so that everyone who plays wins at least a small prize, then if you ‘win’ the game you get a bigger prize.

Everyone cross your finger, toes and whatever else you got that the weather cooperates. Cause if it doesn’t we are gonna have a lot of food left over. We have upped the number of people that we plan for supper so they better come now.

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