Duck’s Eye View

Duck's Eye View
Duck’s Eye View

Dennis had the opportunity to go up in a plane last night. These are a couple of the pictures that he was able to take.
Things are starting to progress pretty good for DuckyFest this weekend. I have one more treasure chest game to do a test run on, but otherwise the games are all set. I sorted through a bunch of the prize stuff the other day and it I just have to pick up a few more things tomorrow and then we will be set. The silent auction prizes are still coming in. I heard back from the Allan Nelson’s dance company and they will be doing a free lesson at 4:30pm so everyone better have their dancing shoes ready. The weatherman is still calling for sun and warm temps.  One of our seasonals brought in some jelly beans and a jar to do a jelly bean guess. I got them all counted and ready to go yesterday. If I remember correctly from last year we had a tie and had to do a guess off. I have a schedule mentally done up and now have to type it up and post it.
There are only about 5 sites left for the weekend right now. The rooms are all gone and sounds like we will have a house full and Grandma will have a house full too. It is definately a party weekend.
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