Something uplifting

After a weekend of pouring rain and wind and dealing with the financial outcomes of losing the sign this was nice to find in my inbox.

Guest Book Entry from kim orr from southport mb

have fallen in love with your campground,even if it rains and the wind blows 70km++ still a great place to LOVE it..happy kids=happy parents..

This was a family that were tenting here this past weekend and have been here a few other weekends as well. I am glad to see that even with hiding out in the rec building from the rain and all their stuff getting soaking wet there were still some good points. They had taken a late checkout on Sunday so were able to at least enjoy that day.

We now have a redneck sort of sign. They were nice enough to leave the reflective ‘camping’ sign behind, so Dennis took a sheet of plywood and attached that to the top.

We have another camper that is stopping here on their way to Alaska. It’s funny that all of a sudden in the last month or so we have had 3 different groups on their way North to Alaska. These ladies are from Michigan and are planning to be gone for 3 months.

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