One little, two little,

Truck load of fisha whole lot of fishies. Tuesday was fish arrival day at the duck. To answer the question that we all wanted to know.

They come just like a goldfish from the pet store – in plastic bags full of water. Inside each box in the picture is a big plastic bag with fish. We got 200 four inch and 200 eight inch rainbow trout.



The release procedure is much the same as a fish releaselittle goldfish too. The bags float on the water to let the fish acclimate to the temperature then you let them go. We let them float around for about half an hour before we let them swim free.

Fish in a bag





These are the ‘big ones’.





Freedom at last. After a 4 hour truck ride they are finally free to ‘keep on swimming’ like Nemo. After we released them they were jumping like crazy. I tried to take a video and if you look very carefully you can see some of them and some splashing. Later on that night we were out checking on them when our two Canada Geese came in for a visit. They had no sooner touched down on the pond when they started honking and heading for the shore. It was a very unusual way to see them acting. We are assuming that they got a surprise and maybe a nibble on the toes from the fish. It was really one of those you had to be there moments because it loses something in the translation. You truly had to be there to see and believe it.


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