A little bit of sun, a little bit of warm and all the people come out.

Needless to say on Sunday our visitor count on our website was down quite a bit. Noone gets too interested in camping when the snow is falling. Yesterday however we had a big jump. At one point in the morning we had 35 visitors checking us out and I got quite a few more bookings. We are now at 7 RV campsites left for the May Long Weekend. As usual we will be having our annual May Long Pig Roast. I actually made it a Luau weekend. I have some decorations, got some Luau music, and am making a Limbo pole.

As of yesterday our pool is officially ready for swimming, now all we need is warm weather. The temperature in the pool yesterday was 80 degrees. The temperature out of the pool is another story. It actually wouldn’t have been too bad in the afternoon with the sun shining and not much wind.

Dennis picked up a BBQ for our raffle yesterday and also a couple new ones for the suites. Now, we have a few hours of construction to put them together. With any luck all the pieces will be there and not damaged. Last year we got home and started to put it together and the front panel was all dented so we had to head back into the city to get a new one.

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