What happened??!!

I didn’t know that we offered winter camping. As I sit here looking outside the ground is getting whiter and whiter. Snow in May – What’s up with that? I think it is time to band together to fight Mother Nature. We should pick a day and time- let’s say Thursday May 8 at 9:00- and everyone stop what they are doing to cross their fingers and wish upon a star for HOT HOT weather. Ok it is probably not going to help, but it certainly won’t hurt.

We were having a pretty good weekend considering the weather. We have 5 overnight sites come out to kick off the camping season. Two of them are actually sleeping in t t tents. I shiver just trying to type it. Quite a few of the seasonals were out yesterday to check on their campers after the winter and two stayed the night. We had one new seasonal bring their camper in yesterday and another head out. We rented our first garden plot yesterday as well.

Saturday morning was our welcome back coffee break. We had a couple campers come out for the freebies, but I was surprised that more didn’t come. Geri also brought some delicious birthday cake for Metro’s big day so we had that with our coffee as well. It was movie night in the evening and we watched Dan in Real Life. I missed the first half, but what I did see was pretty good.  Next week is movie night again but I’m not sure yet what the movie will be. I kind of wait till I see what type and age of crowd we have here before I make a final decision.

Needless to say things are pretty slow around the concession building this morning. Other than coming in to get water everyone seems to be hiding in their campers. We have one tent and one camper staying for another night and one other camper taking advantage of our pay as you go camping. (leaving the camper parked here until next weekend) The other tenting people just headed out the driveway, that couldn’t have been much fun packing up this morning.

Hopefully this nasty white stuff stops soon. Remember Thursday 9:00pm – tell all your friends.

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