Plan for a great camping trip

As we head towards Spring the thoughts camping start to enter our world more and more. This is the time when many families start to book their summer trips. We have a few tips to help make that process a little easier.

  1. Do your research. Choose a few campgrounds that you want to visit this season and head to their website. Check the website for details or contact the campground to find out the answers to some of the most important questions you need to know while you plan: When do reservations open? What is the cancellation/change of dates policy in case something changes? What is the payment requirements upon booking and will it fit my budget?
  2. Make a list of which campgrounds to book first. Most often you should start with the one that opens reservations first. Then filter by which is typically busiest to book up. The busier the bookings the more flexible you may need to be with your dates and site preferences
  3. Decide on some options for dates to get away. Do you have specific holiday times? Or are you flexible? How many days do you want to stay? Use your calendar to help you plan – mark dates as wish list and then edit to booked once it is confirmed. You can even share the calendar with the other members of your family so everyone stays in the loop.
  4. Decide on what type of campsite you need and also what would work as a alternative. For example you start looking for a site with electric, water and sewer hookups but the only site left is an electric only site. Ask yourself if you can fill your water tank at home and use the campground’s sewer dump station instead. Or there is just a basic site but you really want to go that weekend – can you make it work?
  5. Book early. The earlier in the year you book the better selection of sites and dates. But if you still don’t get what you want check back often. Other guests may cancel or adjust their dates which will open up something that will work out for you.
  6. Consider the off peak season. There will usually be a better selection of sites available and you won’t have the same busy crowds of July and August. A weekday in June can offer the same summer weather as July but your stay will be more relaxing and quiet. Typically campgrounds will have reduced rates or special offers earlier or later in the season. This is another bonus that will let you extend your budget and maybe get another night or two away each year.
  7. Keep your email confirmations handy. Set up a folder in your inbox for ‘my camping trips’. Then once you receive your booking confirmation simply move the email to that folder. Now you can easily check the details of what you have booked. No more searches and struggles to find that one email which of course you can never find when you are looking for it.

The above are some general tips for booking at any campground. Now for some tips specific to booking at Rubber Ducky Resort and Campground 

1. Our online system lets you easily check availability anytime to help plan your stays. Scroll through the screenshots for more details and examples. You can check an overall availability that shows all sites and dates. Or if you have a specific site that you are looking for you can pull up a calendar that shows for just that site. If you have any questions while you are looking check us a quick message and we can find the answers.

2. We take reservations over a year in advance. You can book now for 2023 and if you are a super early planner 2024 will be available within a couple weeks.

3. Check the activities schedule. See what the events are on the activities schedule and plan which ones your family may enjoy best.

4. Join our new Ducky Rewards program. After every 5 stays you will receive a $20 Ducky Bucks gift card. Click here for details and to join.

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