RDR Grill Specials – Canada Day

            June 30-July 7

**Curly Fries 4.50curly fries-crop

**Strawberry Sundae— sm 1.99  large 3.19

**Strawberry Milkshake 3.99

**Bacon Poutine 6.79

Concession Hours— Daily 9am-10pm

Campground Delivery Hours

Fri 5pm-9pm; Sat 3pm-8pm Sun 11am-1pm

Town of Warren Delivery

Sat 3pm-8pm

 Call or text 204-383-0136

 (menu and online ordering  at RDRGrill.com)

 Bumper Boats Thu, Fri, Sat 1-7pm, Sun 12am-6pm

Train schedule posted in the Concession each morning

Lazy Acres Farm Daily Noon to 9pm

Now Available—Delivery in the Campground. Grill orders, firewood, snacks, drinks etc. Order online at RDRgrill.com. Delivery is currently only available through online ordering. Minimum $30 order

See previous post for weekly activities schedule

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