This Weekend at The Duck

May 13-15, 2022


6:00pm—Movie Night in the Gazebo Area. Title will be posted by the screen


11:30 to 1:30—Wii Bowling in the Gazebo Area

7:00pm—Welcome Back Social Evening. Join us in the Gazebo area for an evening of getting together with old friends and meeting ones.


May 12-19

                                              ~ *New * Veggie Burger with fries 10.99

Sub lattice fries, cajun chippers or onion rings 11.65  Make it poutine   13.04

~ Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizza 12”  16.99

~ Chocolate Explosion Sundae

Topped with cookies n crème, brownies, chocolate sauce & whipped topping sm 2.75  lrg 4.00

Mon-Thu 4pm-7 pm   Fri Noon to 8pm

Sat, Sun 9am-8pm

 Call or text 204-383-0136

 (menu and online ordering  at

Coming soon – Delivery to your campsite!

RV supplies, campfire supplies and some store items are now available to order online.

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