This Weekend at the Duck – May 14-16


All Day—Anagram Hunt—Somewhere in the campground will be pictures of a rubber ducky with a letter. Find all the letters, unscramble the letters and text your answer, site # and name to   204-818-5012 (don’t go into campsites, leave pictures where you found them, remember physical distancing  and gathering guidelines)

7:00—Virtual Bingo. Play from your campsite with any browser. Go to,  search for Rubber Ducky Resort’s bingo  and enter the password ‘Ducky’. If you are at the Campground and win a game take a screenshot of the winning screen showing your card # and text it to 204-818-5012 to claim a prize. Scroll to the bottom of this post for more details on how to play Rubber Ducky’s Virtual Bingo


Mozza Sticks & Chicken Finger Combo   13.99

Caramel Brownie Twister—soft serve vanilla mixed with homemade brownies and caramel sauce sm 4.40 lrg 4.95IMG_1489

Mon-Thu Noon-7 pm

Fri-Sat 9 am-9 pm

Sun 9 am-8 pm

 Call or text 204-383-0136

 (menu and online ordering  at

Curbside Check in is now available—pay online and electronically accept terms and conditions before arrival; text the Concession at 204-383-0136 upon arrival; we will bring your check in info to your vehicle.

Remember masks, physical distance and gathering  guidelines while at the campground

Wifi Available—free hotspot around Concession connect to Rubber Ducky Guest. Paid wifi throughout the campground connect to Rubber Ducky Wifi

Join us for some virtual bingo fun. There is nothing to download, no app needed. It just uses your browser. Grab your beverage and snacks and get ready to play.
How does it work?
1. You will go to the website where you will see the option to ‘join game’ Search for the game Rubber Ducky Resort’s Bingo. Note the game will not show in the search area until approx. 15 minutes prior to the start time The password will be ‘Ducky’
2. There will be 4 games, followed by a blackout bingo. (there is usually a 1-2 minute break between games
3. When you get a bingo your card will automatically ‘call’ the bingo. After someone gets a bingo you will receive a message on your screen, the cards will all reset and it will notify you of the pattern for the next game. You can also click the ‘i’ at the top of the card to view the pattern.
4. If you are camping here and you win a game. Take a screen shot showing the winning screen with your card number. Text it to 204-818-5012. You will be able to choose a prize at the Concession
5. A couple random tips and notes – the patterns are just the way they show (ex letter L is always upright, not any direction). If your device has been connected but idle you may need to do a refresh or tap the screen when it is time to start the Bingo to show you the numbers called.. (we aim to start the Bingo at 7:02-7:05pm ish). You can connect any time during the evening. When you do you will join the current game. You can also play some, take a break and come back to re join.

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