This Weekend at the Duck – May 22-24, 2020

Social distancing must be followed for all activities.

Young children should be accompanied by someone older to help them remember proper protocols


11:00am – Craft time to go. Stop by the Concession to pick up a spring craft kit to make at your camper.  (while supplies last)

3:30pm – License plate scavenger hunt. We will post 6 letters/numbers. Go around the campground to find a license plate containing that letter/number. Text a picture to 204-514-3633. (each plate can only be used once, do not go into other people campsites)

9:30pm-Movie night at the Stage screen (max 50 people, social distancing in effect)

RDR Grill & Concession Hours

Thur Noon-8pm

Fri, Sat 9am-9pm

Sun 9am-8pm

Mon-Wed 11am-9pm


Call or text 204-383-0136

(menu at


Chocolate Explosion Sundae

– chocolate sauce, cookie pieces & brownie pieces

2.75 Lrg  3.99

Wing Snack

– 6 wings & fries  10.99


Preorder and have it ready for pickup.

Remember 6’ apart when in building


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