This Weekend at the Duck

May 8-10

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

 Social distancing must be followed for all activities.

 Young children should be accompanied by someone older to help

them remember proper protocols



10am- Ducky Hunt. Find the specially marked ducks and bring them to the Office for a prize. List ducks/prizes will be posted in the window of Rec Building (view from outside). One duck per person.

3:30pm- Mother’s Day Themed Scavenger Hunt. List of items will be posted on window of Rec Building (view from outside) and at Text 204-383-0136 when ready to bring in your items


10am-noon—Free coffee for camping moms at Concession. Text 204-383-0136 to preorder.

RDR Grill & Concession Hours

Mon-Fri Noon-8pm

Sat 10am-9pm

Sun 10am-8pm

Call or text 204-383-0136

(menu at


Taco In A Bag 2/8.35

Taco Fries 5.99

Taco Burger 5.30

Preorder and have it ready for pickup.

Remember 6’ apart when in building




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