This Weekend at the Duck

June 22, 23


6pm – Bomber Game on the Big Screen


10:00am-2:00pm – Campground Garage Sale. Set up at your site. Pick up a sign at the office to post at your site1f8a86c1b2201a82-garage-sale

2:00-3:00pm – Ice Cream Social, sm 1.90 lrg 2.92. Build your own sundae in the Rec Building



7:00 – Sign Parti in the Rec Building. No experience necessary. Tickets at the Office/Concession. $40, take your sign home. 3 sign options

Dusk – Movie Night in the outdoor theater, time and title posted by screen


9am – Ducky Hunt. Find the specially marked ducks and bring them to the office for a prize

Giveaway Day – place unwanted items at the edge of your site with a sign marked ‘FREE’. (remove all items before 9pm)

RDR Grill & Concession/Office Hours

Sun – Thu 9am-10pm

Fri, Sat 9am-11pm

Call or text 204-383-0136 (menu online or at Concession)



Mac & Cheese Bites 2/10.80

Caramel Skor Twister  sm 4.20 lrg 4.65


July 21 – DuckyFest 2018 – Fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital

Wifi is now available at the campsites

Find the network Rubber Ducky Wifi for info

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