Halloween in August

Aug 3-6


8:00pm – Bomber Game on the Big Screen


Dusk– Movie Night in the Outdoor Theater. Movie Title and

Time listed by the screen. Popcorn is available at Concession

sm 90c lrg 1.40


Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies

7pm—Color your own jack o lantern.


11:30am– Bobbing for apples in the pool

2-3pm – Ice Cream Social. Build your own sundae in the Rec Building sm 1.77 lrg 2.79

6:30pm—Trick or Treating. Any campsites handing out treats will be marked with a ribbon

9pm-close -Adult Swim. In the regular pool and hot tub. Splash pool and hot tub remains open for families



RDR Grill & Concession/Office Hours

Sun-Thu 9am-10pm

 Fri, Sat 9am-11pm

Call or text 204-383-0136



Chicken Burger & Onion Rings 8.05

Caramel & Skor Twister 3.94 lrg 4.39

Full Menu Online


Activity Package  47.15

Boats & Golfing Package  40.00

More details online or at Office/Concession

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