This Weekend at the Duck

July 6-10  Valentine’s Day


Dusk– Movie Night in the Outdoor Theater. Movie Title and Time listed by the screen. Popcorn is available at Concession

sm 90c lrg 1.40


6:00pm – Bomber Game on the Big Screen


6:30pm – Valentine’s Crafts in the Rec Building

9:30 – 10:30pm – Teen Swim in the Regular Pool Area. Splash pool remains open until 10:00pm for all ages


2-3pm – Ice Cream Social. Build your own sundae in the Rec Building sm 1.77 lrg 2.79

7:00pm—Candy Potluck in the Rec. Bring your favorite candy to share
8:00pm—Valentine’s/Sadie Hawkins Dance in the Rec Building. Bring your Sweetie and dance the night away

9:00 – Corsage Contest hosted by the RDR Quackers


8:30-close—Adult Swim. In the regular pool and hot tub. Splash pool and hot tub remains open for families.


RDR Grill & Concession/Office Hours

Sun-Thu 9am-10pm

Fri, Sat 9am-11pm

Call or text 204-383-0136



Lattice Poutine 5.23

Blue Raspberry Slush  2.21



July 23 – Paint Day at the Duck.  Tickets available from Beryl Specaluk at Lot 3 (204-485-2145 phone or text) or Marilyn Lantz at Lot 33 (204-799-7006 phone or text)

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