Looking Back

10 years. Wow. I don’t remember exactly but I have a feeling at this time 10 years ago we were asking ourselves ‘what are we getting into?’ and buying lottery tickets. As much as we had faith in what we were doing and believed it would work, there is always that little voice in the back of your head. And to be brutally honest, yes we still ask ourselves that even today. (and I still have lottery tickets on my fridge). But here we are 10 years later. It has been a decade of hard work and great rewards. There are lots of memories that we have kind of forgotten over the years. Luckily there are lots of people that have been around for a few years that we often sit down and say ‘hey remember when’.

For those of you that don’t know the full history of the campground I will give you a brief rundown. This land started as the Crockatt Family Farm and we are now into our 4th generation of working on the land. Obviously we have moved away from farming however and onto our own tangent. I found some before and after pictures that give the true story of where we started and have included them below.  The Rec Building and Rooms building were once fully operational hog barns.There haven’t been pigs in there for almost 20 years and we have made a few upgrades since then. There were various barns, machine shed, pig pens and granaries that are no longer around and you can’t really tell anymore where we began. However, there are a few little remnants and memories that show our story.

At this point in time in 2006 we had the rooms and rec building renovated and had started on the campsites. The swimming pool was nothing more than a big hole in the ground. We were able to have some campsites open for July long and the pool was opened shortly after. Our first seasonal sites were booked at the end of July/beginning of August. Of those 11 original campers we still have 4 here today. Thanks to Larry & Beryl, Darryl & Geri, Jim & Kim, Peter & Mickie for 10 years of camping. The first year we did approx 20 campsites, one pool and one hot tub.Over the next few years we added another 60 or so campsites. Then we came to 2012 and once again the question of ‘what are we getting into’ and lottery tickets. We did a major expansion of 120 campsites and another pool and hot tub. The bumper boats and Rec Building addition followed in the next couple years. We also have lots of non seasonal campers that have been coming back year after year. We did the creating of the campground, but it is really all of our campers that help make it a place that people want to keep coming to. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped us make it an awesome 10 years.And a special mention to our parents and kids who have always been there when we needed a hand.

This weekend we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary. Although it  may be our anniversary but we are giving away the gifts. We have a bucket full of goodies ready for the weekend. Our staff will be roaming throughout the campground handing out prizes. No offence but if you aren’t here you’re gonna be a loser. Stop by the office/concession to enter to win $100 Ducky Bucks (use like cash at the campground). Our weekend specials include: save 10% off camping fees; get free mini golf; bumper boats are 2 for 1 rides; 10% off RDR Grill; BBQ Saturday afternoon and entertainment Saturday evening. It’s going to be a fabulous weekend with lots of sunshine.

And now the before and after…

aug 1999

Probably sometime early 1990’s

Campground pictures 105




Campground pictures 004


IMG_1487 - Copy


misc 002




Campground pictures 075


Campground pictures 102








ducks and geese

Probably 2007 or 2008





And yes we had ducks back then too

Campground pictures 007


barn inside

Probably 2004 or 2005





barns 2008




aerial 1999


aerial 2008




Obviously I have lived through the changes and still find it hard to believe. It’s been a while since I looked at the old pictures and you kind of forget what it was really like until you see the today ones right beside it.


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