Christmas and Camping

Well love it or hate it we are heading full on into the Christmas Season. In a couple days we will turn the calendar to December and then the countdown really begins.

One of the hardest parts of Christmas prep seems to be the question of what gifts to buy. We always have those people that ‘don’t need anything’ but we still like to get them something. We may be able to help you find something better than a pair of socks. Last week we received a new supply of Ducky Bucks. I know what you thinking:

“What the heck are Ducky Bucks?” They are our Duckified version of gift certificates.

“What do I do with them?” They can be used like cash at Rubber Ducky

“Who should I buy them for?” Anyone and everyone. They are perfect for anyone that camps here or even visits here. Grandma and Grandpa can buy snacks from the Concession. The kids can ride the bumper boats. Auntie so and so can spend a night in one of our Rooms. The whole family can enjoy a camping trip next summer.

“When will they expire?” They are good forever and ever and ever.

“What dollar amounts do they come in?” Each gift card is custom made. We can do anything from $5 to $1000.

And, don’t worry, you don’t need to make a trip out to the campground to buy them. You can order by phone  or email and pay by credit card or Etransfer. All from the comfort of your home or at work when the boss isn’t looking. (204-322-5286 or  We do recommend ordering before December 15 to make sure you get them in time for Christmas.

We also have a few Rubber Ducky jackets still in stock, but those you will have to come out for a  visit to pickup. Feel free to email first to check for sizes, styles and availability though.

More details of our campground gift certificates are on our website. Make sure you stop to enter our new giveaway to win $50 Ducky Bucks for yourself.


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