What does early Spring mean to Camping?

There has been a lot of excitement around Manitoba this past week. Seeing the snow almost gone on March 18 makes us feel like a kid on their way to Disneyland.
How does this affect our Campground? Well, most importantly is that we are well on our way to an early May pool opening. Second most important is that our Seasonal campers won’t have to trudge through snow when the power goes on.
Our virtual office (email and phone) is always open. Our physical office and RDR Grill & Concession will be open regular hours starting mid April Check the website and facebook page for updates . Until then we will be open by appointment only.
Most roadways are now accessible. Please keep in mind however that it will be wet and dirty at the campground for the next couple weeks.The Rec Building is also open. There is an information display set up with brochures, general information and pictures of what is hiding under the spring grime. If anyone is wanting to come check their campers, have a look around or get some information you are welcome to come out for a drive.

May Long weekend is only 58 days away, that’s only 130o hours.  Check out the website for some great early season camping specials.  Book your favourite campsite today.

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