Wishful thinking and a contest too

How about that weather? Yup it sucks unless you are a Polar Bear. But it’s always an easy topic of conversation no matter which season: wow it’s hot? can you believe how much rain we got? We got 4 feet of snow how about you? And of course at this time of year: it’s so cold that…. Although we are still in a brutal cold streak the weather powers that be are saying we are headed for a warm up. This of course brings the question – do you think it will actually happen? Which brings me to my latest contest idea. When do you think the next day we will see a temperature above -10C will be? Will it be next week or next month or next year?
Contest details: go to our Rubber Ducky Facebook Page and find the post “Enter our Blog Contest”. Comment the next date you think our temperature will be above -10C. One entry per person.  Guesses must be made at least one day in advance. Winners will receive $10 Ducky Bucks. In the event of multiple winners the first 3 correct guesses will win. Official temperature will be determined by the thermometer located at Rubber Ducky Resort.

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