Next on the Agenda

We have one big project planned and a couple smaller ones still to come this year.  A third play area is almost finished.

campground playground There is a new washroom facility coming around mid June that will be set up in the West area of the Campground.

The biggest project will be a 2800 sq ft addition to the front of the Rec Building. It will be similar to a screened in gazebo, so we will be able to enjoy the Manitoba weather without the Manitoba bugs. At this point we are just waiting for the building permit to be finalized and we are hoping to begin construction in early June and be completed within a couple weeks. This is how the plans look. The strip down the middle is the screened section.

rec-cropOnce it is complete the current picture shelter will be removed and the outdoor movie theater will be moved inside the new screened-in area.

There will of course be some minor disruptions to the access to the Rec Building during these couple weeks. The front entrance area will be closed off and the side doors will be used as access points. We will do our best to keep things running as smoothly as possible and hope you can bear with us through this addition.

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