Catching up

Spring is always a busy time of year in the Campground Business and especially so on a year like this when Old Man Winter won’t let go. That means we end up doing a whole bunch of work in a very short period of time to try and get everything cleaned, opened and running. That also means I have been falling behind on posting what has been going on this spring. But here goes….

There have been a few tweaks to the pool area. We expanded the seating area by the regular pool and installed some more synthetic grass.


Pool Area Before

Pool Area Before

Pool Area After

Pool Area After

We also installed a new liner in the regular pool. But first we had to remove the large icebergs which were still hanging around inside the pool.

Manitoba pool open May

This was definitely a situation where once it came out of the box it was never ever going back in again. This is how the liner arrived, note the cone for size reference.

vinyl pool linerAnd it’s out

Pool liner replacementHard to believe that we actually made our target date and the campground pool opened on May 9.  Although, we have had a couple iffy weather days in there for the most part the pools and hot tubs have been busy. As you are well aware last weekend it was hot hot and we even broke some records.

So the pool was a couple weeks ago which left the Bumper Boats for last week. We brought in the big boy toys from R2G2 Excavators to do some cleanup of the Bumper Boat pond

pond cleanup

After a few hours of digging and hauling it was all spiffed up and ready to open

Campground bumper BoatsAs you can also see from the picture the leaves were just starting to come out on Friday. That is one good thing about all the rain we got yesterday everything has certainly turned green in a hurry. Things are drying up quick with another sunny, warm day and we are looking ahead to another great weekend.

We have one more big, exciting project coming up. Plans are being finalized as we speak and I am already working on my next post with all the details. Hopefully I will have it done this week – stay tuned.

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