Less than 3 months

A bit of a bright spot on a stormy day. Did you realize it is now less that 3 months until camping?  I’m sure that I am not alone in having all my fingers crossed that we get an early spring.  Obviously, my acorn theory from my previous post has been blown completely out of the water.  At least we only have a couple more weeks to wait until we will see what Mr Groundhog has to say.  As I write this it is now a balmy 3C and rain. We have gone from -25c windchill this morning to whiteout conditions, to now rain and chance of thunderstorms. I started writing this yesterday and things have not improved since then as we now sit at -17 with a full on snow day.  Someone needs to give the snow globe a good shake to reset everything. This is just downright crazy.

With the coming of the new year it also signals the time to start getting ready for another season. It may not feel like it but it today but spring is going to come sooner or later.  I have spent the last couple weeks updating brochures, finalizing advertising details and planning the 2014 activities.  We have added a few new things this year: a garage sale, Christmas in July, and a Contest Weekend. Our tried and true favorites will be back again: Movie Nights, Halloween in July, Fun Bingo and Freaky Food Challenge. I still have a few things in the works and will continue to update the list as we go along.

Mmmm bacon. Came across this picture the other day. Has anyone tried this method of campfire bacon cooking? How does it work?


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