My 2 cents

It’s time for those winter predictions and I always like to throw in my 2 cents. I did the usual Google research to see what ‘those in the know’ are saying. And as per usual didn’t really find out much. They basically say it will be cold in winter and we will get snow. No really? Here I thought maybe this would be the winter that the temperature stayed above freezing and we never got any snow.  The Weather Network has predicted a normal fall and so far I would have to say that they are actually right. Probably one of the most known weather prediction factors is the acorns. If there are lots and they come early we will have a hard winter. So, after my rather unsuccessful Googling was done I looked back through my old posts and noticed that in Oct 2011 I reported that we didn’t have any acorns. Last fall  I remember lots of acorns.  So to recap last fall lots of acorns = horrible winter. Two years ago no acorns = awesome winter (as far as winter goes anyway).  I have good news to report – there are no acorns this year!!

jump for joySo for what it’s worth I am calling for a normal fall followed by a warmer than last year winter.  I will even go out on a limb and say our first snow to stay will happen during the last week of November and our first -20 will be during the third week in December. Anyone else have any predictions to share? I have used all sorts of high tech eenie meenie, flip a coin type factors to make my predictions so I’m sure I will do just as well as the professional weather forecasters.

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