Mud Bog 2013

The details have been finalized for the 3rd Annual Rubber Ducky Mud Bog. Team Mud Monkeys have organized a great day of racing.  It will be an entertaining weekend of racing and other miscellaneous fun. Even if you are not an ATV rider (like myself) it is still interesting to watch the competition. Then head off to the pool for the rest of the day.  The date has been set for September 28, 2013.

Registration starts at 9:00 am CLOSES AT NOON. Please show up early and get your registration in on time! This will help us to properly organize and make the event run smoothly!

Racing begins at 1:00 pm SHARP

Spectators $5, kids 12 & under are free, this fee is good for the whole resort and you can make use of all amenities including the pool!!!

There will be vendor displays onsite with the chance to test drive new atv’s.

Helmets mandatory, All riders must sign a waiver.

Entry Fee will be $25 per class 100% payout 1st, 2nd, 3rd and trophies will be awarded.

The pit is 250 feet long horseshoe style, flat bottom, filled with water to the perfect depth!! It will be wide enough to accommodate two UTV’s racing side by side, shallow enough for the stock bikes, and deep enough for the modified bikes!

Stock and modified classes will use the same horse shoe pit this year. There will be a fairly shallow amount of water for the stock bikes, but enough to make it fun! We will have an intermission once the stock bikes are finished and fill up the pits for the modified bikes. This will give everybody enough time to change tires and race in modified too, if they want. During intermission we are planning on some activities that involve the crowd. You will have to come and watch to find out what!!!


Stock Class = Basically a stock everyday bike
– Tires, maximum 27″ ATV tires (no crush lox or Ag tires)
– No motor mods (big bore kits, cams, etc)
– No NOS, No Turbo
– No lift kits
– Snorkels allowed
– Aftermarket “Slip on pipes” will be allowed but not a full header pipe
– Fuel programmers and aftermarket air filters (k&n, etc.) allowed
– Clutch kits and/or springs allowed but not complete aftermarket clutches
– No added weight
– Factory Floor Boards must be in

STOCK CLASSES FOR Rubber Ducky 2013:
550cc and under
551cc – 750cc
751cc – 900cc
901cc & up
Any Size UTV
Two Wheel Drive Class (Machine can’t have 4×4 option)

– No NOS, NO Turbo
– Big Bore Kits must run in the appropriate cc class (ie: a 700cc machine with an 800cc + BBK would run in the 751cc – 900cc modified class)
– Crush Lox allowed but tires must be designed for ATV use
– Customized or open Floor Boards allowed
– Weighting or Ballasting allowed at Drivers Discretion, no sharp protrusions
– Full aftermarket exhaust systems
– Modified or aftermarket clutches allowed
– Fuel Programmers allowed

MODIFIED CLASSES for Rubber Ducky 2012:
550cc and under
551cc – 750cc
751cc – 900cc
901cc & up

Open Modified “King of the Mud” Anything goes!!!

“Iron Man” two person team challenge. Two laps with a driver change after the first lap!

NOTE: We will run a kids class and/or ladies class if enough participation.

All racers will be entered into a draw for a prize from one of our sponsors, TBD. As prizes come in from our sponsors, I will update the website and Trackshare with the information.

We hope to see you there, it will be a great time!!!


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