Things that go bump at the Duck

Despite the rain and cooler weather on the long weekend the Bumper Boats had quite a few riders. Some apparently didn’t want to get wet, but were quite willing to squirt everyone else.

IMG_1505bumper boatsAs they say when you are a kid, you don’t seem to feel the cold. Some of the kids would come off the boats completely dripping. (Especially a couple boys that lost the boys against girls contest, Go Girls haha)

The weather didn’t stop the kids from enjoying the pool either.

May long 2This pool is a decent 80F so it was quite enjoyable to swim in.

May long 1This pool won’t be heated for a couple weeks, so it is only about 65F. This was the “I dare you” pool. But as you can see some of the made it in.  A brave few even made it down the Ducky slide.

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