We all know that last Winter and Spring was unusually warm.  We all know that this Winter and Spring has been unusually cold. I don’t remember when there have been two more different years. So over the last month, I have been trying not to make the ‘this time last year’ statements. It just didn’t seem fair to compare the two and not to mention that it made this Spring feel so much worse. Until today that is. We have a vague remembrance that by this time last year we were already moving trees, finishing man made lakes and making campsites. But we couldn’t remember exactly the dates that we did things.  Today I remembered that our construction start date on the pool last year was April 9. As I spoke those words out loud, the full reality of the difference between the two years truly sunk in. April 9.  Today is April 10. Wow. Really?

This was taken at the end of the first week of construction

This was taken at the end of the first week of construction in 2012

This was taken today.

This was taken today.

I would like to keep a positive spin on things, but this really sucks. It’s time to camp already.

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