Fall Superstitions

This is one of those  “you learn something new everyday” type of days. I had no idea there were so many superstitions associated with Fall. OK, I never said that I learned anything important. But for a Friday afternoon it is a good way to kill some time. I was strolling through the internet and noticed this comment posted:

“It’s said that if you catch a falling leaf on the first day of Autumn you will not catch a cold all winter. Good luck tomorrow!”

Which of course got me googling around. There are a couple different versions of this belief. Some don’t specify that it is the first day of Autumn, but just anytime in Autumn. And others are very specific in that you must keep the leaf until spring when the new buds appear.

Apparently it is not just leaves that are good luck. If you carry around an acorn it is said to bring good luck. An acorn sounds easier to carry than a rabbit’s foot anyway. If you have every been worried about your house being stuck by lightning, simply put an acorn on your window sill. This lonely acorn will surely keep the lightning away. Forget that plastic surgery ladies, according to British legend if you carry an acorn with you it will delay the aging process.  It will keep you feeling young forever.

So, in conclusion what does this all really mean. Not much.  But if anyone else is interested in catching leaves and picking acorns tomorrow meet me at 11am.

In celebration of the arrival of the Fall season we will be having a Scarecrow building contest this weekend. Here’s an idea to get you started

It is also our Cozy Campfire Special this weekend. Get a free bundle of firewood and a Campfire FX when you stay for 2 nights. (Be sure to mention the special when booking or registering)

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