So Close

We are getting very close to the completion of our expansion. Some of the the campsites are now finished. The last ones should be open within the next couple weeks. Most of the major work is done and all that is left now is the tweaks and final landscaping.

And now to the question on everyone’s mind. When does the new pool open?

As you can see, the water is now splashing around. Other than being a little chilly still it is running and operational. Later today I am going to get my tutoring session on how to operate all the little toys and doodads.  It took a lot of hard work in some very hot weather but they managed to finish the bricks around the decking yesterday evening. The pool guys and electricians did their last little bits today and the water started flowing. Now it just sits there teasing everyone as we wait for the final inspection before we open to the public. Our tentative pool opening date is Friday July 13, 2012.  Be sure to be watching our website, Facebook page and this blog. As soon as it is official I will be posting the news everywhere I possibly can.

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