Time for another update

There haven’t been too many visible changes in the pool lately but the last few days have seen some minor tweaks. They have been installing the piping for the water umbrella and spray tree and pouring some concrete.

As you can see they have part of the concrete on the floor and still some left to finish.  I am impatiently waiting for the floor and steps to be finished. I think that will change the appearance dramatically. The pit for the hot tub is now ready to go. It doesn’t look like much right now, but soon it will be a nice relaxing place to spend some time.

The biggest change came this morning when they back filled the area around the pool and hot tub. It went from looking like a construction zone to somewhat resembling a pool area, kind of, sort of. Well to me it does anyway. You may need to use your imagination a little. If you look back to what it was like a couple weeks ago it is a significant change.

As I type, the guys are busy playing in the mud putting in the sewer and water lines to the campsites. (If you are listening Mother Nature please turn off the tap for a few days.)    We have fire pits and picnic tables waiting to be placed on the sites. Things are starting to come together. This is the time when everything goes from OMG we are never gonna get done to WOW it’s a campground.

This weekend at the Duck someone will win their stay for free. I had a cancellation and now have a couple of our always popular pool area campsites open for this weekend. It is going to be another activity filled weekend:


11am – Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt. Pick up your list at the office and find as many items as you can. Bonus points for first completed list.

2pm-3pm – Ice Cream Social in the Rec Building. Build your own ice cream sundae. Sm 1.70 lrg 2.68

7pm – Fun Bingo in the Rec Building


9am-noon – Free Coffee for all camping dads at The RDR Grill and Concession

10:30- 11:30 – Bounceroo


Giant color your own Father’s Day cards with crayons are available at the Concession

RDR Grill Specials

Taco Fries

Crispy Fries topped with seasoned ground beef, salsa, sour cream    and shredded cheddar.

Regular Fries                        4.79        Lattice Fries             5.29

Cappuccino               1.69

Twister flavour of the weekend – Double chocolate chip cookie dough   

There are only a few serviced sites left so if you want to join us this weekend book online or call me at 204-322-5286.

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