A great start to the season

It is hard to believe that this is only the first week of May. With such an early start to camping it seems like it should be much later. But, don’t get me wrong I am certainly not complaining. We have had many of our seasonals out and about relaxing at their campers. Quite a few have commented how nice it has been to slowly get things ready for May Long and not be rushed at the last minute.  There have also been a number of weekend campers out as well. We even had a birthday party here last weekend.

The rain we have gotten this week has been a welcome relief. It was certainly getting very, very dry.  We have spent the past few weeks transplanting trees and planting grass, so it was a huge relief for us to have this moisture. You could almost hear the trees sighing as the rain started.  This has been pretty much the perfect week for grass growing with a little rain, then a little sun it should be sprouting in no time.  According to the forecast this should be our last dreary day, then back to sunshine for the weekend.

This weekend is our Pick Your Ducky Discount. When campers register they will pluck a duck and win a discount of up to 50%.  It usually brings a few laughs since I have a game where the ducks quack and swim around as you pluck them. Also this weekend we will be having our Welcome Back Potluck. Enjoying some good food is always a good excuse to get together for some good times with fellow campers. Anyone that is interested can bring a dish to share to the Rec Building for 5:00 on Saturday afternoon.

Don’t forget that even if you are not quite ready to start camping yet, you can still come out for the day. Bring the kids for a swim and spend the day poolside.

This is some of our happy campers from last weekend. (They are blackberry pictures so I apologize for the quality). As always the pool is the place to be on a Saturday afternoon at the Duck.

Campground pool open may

Campground pool open may

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