Glad to be wrong

Back in October I went out on a limb and made my predictions for winter. Boy was I ever wrong. I said that we would get our first snowfall just before Christmas and that it would be a cold, cold January.  I heard today that this has been the 3rd warmest January since they started keeping records in 1873. At least I wasn’t the only one that was wrong with my winter predictions. The Farmer’s Almanac and Accuweather were also calling for a cold, snowy winter. This was one time that it was good to be wrong. The Farmer’s Almanac is still saying that February will be a couple degrees colder than normal and we will have below average precipitation. Not sure if anyone wants to listen to them, but thought I would pass it on anyway. I am not going to make anymore predictions though. We will wait and see what Mr Groundhog has to say next week. With February just around the corner and only 52 days until spring even if we did get a cold snap we still can’t complain. Unless, of course you are a snowmobiler, skier or anyone that operates a business related to snow. On a serious note I know that this has been a tough winter for you guys.

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