Ernie and his Ducky

I must admit that before this week I really didn’t give the Rubber Duckie song much thought. It was just a little ditty that Ernie sang on Sesame Street. I never considered it a ‘real’ song until recently when I received an email that changed my thinking. (btw Thank you to the little birdie that tweeted this to me. I am always interested in all things ducky)

Now about Ernie’s song – did you know that Ernie’s Rubber Duckie actually went to #16 on the Billboard Chart in 1970. It was even nominated for a Grammy Award, but lost to ‘The Sesame Street Book & Record’, which incidentally contained the Rubber Duckie song. So indirectly it did win the Grammy. There have been versions in different languages such as German and Spanish; even a Rock N Roll version by Little Richard. A quick youtube search finds lots of these versions to choose from.  Here is one of the original songs:

And for something a little different here is Little Richard

 Hopefully you can forgive me if you now have Ernie’s voice bouncing around in your head. It’s Friday afternoon and who wants to think work thoughts at this time of day anyway.

Have a safe, happy weekend. Take the time to relax and enjoy some fun with the family.

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