More Views from the Pond

We have had some more interesting visitors to our pond recently. This pair has been spotted maybe once a year over the last couple years. So, we have known they were around, but they really kept to themselves. About a month ago I spotted them around the pond as I was driving in one day then, never saw them again for another week. They slowly started coming more and more with sightings every couple days. This week I think I have seen them everyday. Today however was the first time I was able to get a picture. They tend to be a bit flighty and camera shy (yes pun intended)

Those two blobs on the fence posts are bald eagles. I didn’t want to get any closer in case they decided to take off on me again.  They have usually only been around in the early mornings. But it is almost 11:00am and they are still around today.

We have decided that since the weather has been so amazingly warm that we should leave the pool open for one more weekend.  The temperature of the water has been hovering around 85F still, so should make for an enjoyable last swimming weekend. This weekend will also be the Wii Bowling tournament and Black Beauty will be the movie on Saturday evening. If the Bomber Game is televised tonight it will as always be on the big screen.

The sad countdown is on now. We have only 3 more camping weekends left in 2011. But ….

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