Hot, hot, hot

So, how many times today have you heard the line “Is it hot enough for you?” I have taken a personal stand that you will not hear me complain about how hot it is. I won’t beat around the bush – I hate cold and I hate winter. I would take plus 40 over minus 40 anyday. Sure it has it’s downsides and it is not always comfortable, but it is still much better to jump in the pool now than it was in February.  Last week was sure something else. It was to the point that people seemed to want to hibernate inside the air conditioning and not even consider camping during that kind of heat. This past weekend was quite a drastic change. The weather was definately a lot cooler and cloudier. Thankfully yesterday things changed and we are back to the perfect Manitoba summer weather. Not too hot, not too cold, just right.

Last Saturday was our 6th annual Children’s Wish Fundraiser.  Our numbers were down this year with our grand total at only $2347. I think this was a result of the heat wave as we didn’t have as many people out this year. Everyone who did come out had a good time however. There was a lineup of volunteers wanting to get dunked in the dunk tank. Everybody was very willing to get wet and cool off. We also ran a couple of wet n wacky train rides to help cool things down. Some of our campers volunteered to spray water, shoot water guns, throw water balloon, etc as the train went by.  We had a great group of volunteers help out with the day and I must send out a thank you for their help. Duckyfest will be back in 2012 and is always the 3rd Saturday in July.

This past weekend was our Teddy Bear Picnic and we had about 39 bears come visit Dr Ducky. As always Dr Ducky was prepared with her medical supplies to fix up all the booboos and get the bears on their way to recovery. We had planned to do a Bubble Zone on Saturday evening, but with the few rain showers floating around we postponed it until Sunday morning.











This upcoming long weekend will be the usual Karaoke and Movie Night. In the past we have had a mini golf tournament on Aug Long, but we are changing things up a little for this year. I am going to randomly select a hole and everyone will compete on that one hole to see who gets the best score.   If anyone is still thinking of joining us for the weekend. I still have one motel open. We don’t have any sites open, but do always keep a waiting list in case of cancellation.

Enjoy the sunshine!!

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