Momma Knows Best

If you remember a few weeks ago I made the announcement that we now had baby ducks. You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t mentioned them since. Well that is because we had a bit of a puzzle on our hands – they just disappeared. We had no idea what happened to them until last weekend things started to come together. I was told by one family that they had been out by the drainage ditch and saw a mother duck with some babies. The next day someone else was there and saw the same thing. Neither family could positively identify them as ours.  Of course every time I went out there were no babies or mommas in sight. I gave up and thought it must have been a wild momma who had moved on. Then we are driving in the lane this afternoon and to my pleasant surprise spot momma and 5 half grown babies. I am assuming that she was worried about their safety and kept them hidden away until they were bigger. That just made my week seeing that those little guys were safe and I guess maybe momma does know best.

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