Happy Summer

It’s officially here and we have even been having the weather to prove it. The past week has been just what we have been waiting for – bright sun and warm temperatures. It was another great camping weekend. We did have some rain come throughout the nights but the days were what camping memories are made of.

The first Rubber Ducky duck hunt went well on the weekend. Friday morning I hid 8 ducks throughout the campground and our campers managed to find most of them. On Saturday morning I put more out and there were a total of 10 duckies waiting to be found that day. By Sunday afternoon there were still two ducks unaccounted for and I had to start giving hints. By the end of the day all the ducks had been found and all the treats handed out.  I am already looking for more hiding spots for our next duck hunt.  I will admit to making one mistake, but it made for laughs on Sunday. I didn’t keep track of which number of duck was hidden where so as the kids brought in the ducks I knew which numbers were out, but not where they were.  I also was still somewhat asleep when I was hiding them at 6amish and kind of temporarily forgot some of my hiding places. lol. Oh well, as I say it made for some laughs when I had to admit that I wasn’t even sure where the ducks were. In the end all the ducks were located and I learned that next time I will write down where they go 🙂

This weekend is another Rubber Ducky first. We are having a campground poker derby. It will work much like a snowmobile or atv derby but you will walk to the checkpoints to get your cards. I am still finalizing the details and if you are camping this weekend, you can pick up your ‘This weekend at the duck’ for all the details.


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