Finally a nice weekend.

It was a long time coming, but we finally had a full weekend with no rain. Saturday was an amazing, warm, sunny, beautiful…. day. There are just too many nice words to fill in the blanks.  I never really believed it until it happened but hopefully this is the turn around for mother nature. Sunny weekends and rainy Mondays.

It was a busy, exciting weekend around here. Our first batch of baby duckies emerged on Friday evening.

There are now 7 little ducklings waddling around the campground. Actually they are not going too far and have been hiding for most of the weekend.  I think there were too many people around and momma was a little nervous about bringing them out too much. We still have a couple  more nests to go so there should be no shortage of ducks at the Duck by the end of summer.

There were some other babies that caused some commotion around this weekend.  They were not exactly your typical campground visitors.

Yep those would be goats – Bert and Ernie to be more specific. They came from Boonstra Farms for a weekend of camping at Rubber Ducky.  I believe the story was that they were abandoned by their mother and the Boonstra’s have taken over raising them. They should make a great addition to their farm this summer since they are so used to people.

The last two times I have scheduled the bounceroo we got completely drowned out with monsoon rains, so I was a little nervous when I rescheduled to this weekend. Fortunately the bounceroo bad luck streak was over and the sun shone and rain stayed away. The kids were able to get in a couple hours of bouncing fun.

This weekend was our Pick your ducky discount weekend. I got quite a few chuckles when I asked people if they would like to pick a ducky from my pond.

There were a couple lucky duckies that saved 50% off their camping fees. This is an annual weekend special so if you want to be a lucky ducky next  year be sure to watch our website for next year’s dates.

Summer will officially begin next week; school is quickly coming to an end and that means the RDR Grill and Concession is moving up to summer hours. Our current hours are Mon-Wed 9am – 7pm; Thu 10am – 9pm; Fri and Sat 9am-11pm; Sun 9am-8pm. Over the next couple weeks we will work up to our full summer hours of Sun-Thu 9am-10pm and Fri, Sat 9am-11pm.  Just a reminder the Grill is open to the public as well as campers and we do offer take out.

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